Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Reply From Ofcom

To Mr. Jones,

I have considered your feelings regarding the "Padeogeddon" documentary, and would like to take this time to apoligise to you and any others who may have found it offensive in anyway whatsoever.
On the contrary, this parody-style documentary was not intended to offend in anyway, and its purpose was to actually mock the media, and not paedophelia itself. the people responsible for creating the programme have covered many serious issues, (i.e drugs) and their aim is to state how the media seem to take issues and expose them in as much light as possible. Take the Joseph Fritzel case; its maximum media coverage almost suggests its a positive subject, and i would like to ask you if something so serious and wrong should be so advertised. If anything, it should be swept under the carpet.
As well as this, i emphasise that OFCOM technically has no rules to suggest such a programme is not suitable for television. As odd as this sounds it breaks no rules; it was aired after 9pm and has suitable language and content that as a visual experience should not offend.
I completly understand your concerns and have taken them seriously, and i again apoligise for any offence caused, and i shall take it upon myself to see if i can rule out any future broadcasting of these innappropriate programmes.

Yours Sincerely,

Kilroy (Ofcom, Head of Dep)

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